Dec 2021 – Feb 2022 Spark Board Summary

Investigated / decided on new bank (MaPS Credit Union) re fees, services, and accessibility, starting in March.Standing agenda item to discuss in-person meetups and/or resuming hunt for physical facilities: First step is resuming physical Social meetups. Between Omicron and cold weather, stuck with virtual First Tuesday Social meetings for Jan/Feb/March. Considering physical meetup at April … Continue reading Dec 2021 – Feb 2022 Spark Board Summary

January / February 2022 wrap-up

In the virtual 1st Tuesday for January, a participant talked extensively about his experience assembling a 3d printable micro jib ( 12 attended virtual 1st Tuesday for February, including a few new faces. Our friends in the Microportal Electronics Club received a large donation of a retired Las Vegas repair tech's collection of parts, which … Continue reading January / February 2022 wrap-up

November / December 2021 wrap-up

Let there be chairs and light - Spark Solar Trailer Trailer update - New 12v solar charge controller feeding two 105Ah batteries, 3000w pure-sine inverter, tested with 7A power saw (dimmed light). Prompted discussion about how to partition power for more sensitive electronics. Have free 2nd 1500w modified-sine inverter that should be temporary solution (want … Continue reading November / December 2021 wrap-up