September / October 2021 wrap-up

Virtual First Tuesday meetings went well, including new people like one that mentioned his antique C64 computer still needed a 9v switching power supply, and another that had this and other C64 parts!

Trailer – In September Chris was working on battery charger system ((5) 100a batteries being power cycled / tested). JG put together survey, looking for more input (link to survey). Questions/contributions to the trailer project channel of our slack.

Trailer form:
“We put together this short survey to ask what types of equipment you’re interested in using with the solar powered trailer, which will help us design a power budget based on equipment needs. A great opportunity to explore solar electric systems.”

In October, continued progress on routing panel wiring to interior. Also made spreadsheet on needed parts (tables/chairs/2-3 10×10 canopies / windbreak, maybe extendable awnings). At October First Tuesday, majority of participants inspired each other to chip in on buying 16 matching folding chairs that will stack well for storage in trailer, for use at future trailer events.

Spark Board elections came due, the new lineup is:
– David Duncan (President),
– Duncan Beevers (Vice-President),
– Chris Feaster (Secretary),
– Greg Hanevelt (Treasurer), and
– Jeremy Greenwood (board member)

Greg originally helped us set up our books and it’s great to have him back in an official capacity! Others requested shifts in positions that better reflected their preferred ways of contributing to Spark (Jeremy G. from President to board member at-large, David D. from VP to President, Duncan B. from Treasurer to VP, Greg H. added as Treasurer).

Jeremy and Duncan B. set up Windows 10 on several of our donated PCs, and the board committed several PCs be given to community non-profits, while looking at craigslist and consignment sales as fundraiser, and to get machines back into the community.

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