November / December 2021 wrap-up

Let there be chairs and light - Spark Solar Trailer Trailer update - New 12v solar charge controller feeding two 105Ah batteries, 3000w pure-sine inverter, tested with 7A power saw (dimmed light). Prompted discussion about how to partition power for more sensitive electronics. Have free 2nd 1500w modified-sine inverter that should be temporary solution (want … Continue reading November / December 2021 wrap-up

June 2021 wrap-up

June 15th, 2021 - First live meeting in over a year, reviewing gear donations Nine people attended June 'First Tuesday' online meetup, including a first-timer. June 15th we had our first live meetup in over a year, reviewing over a dozen older PCs, networking gear, HD duplicator, wiring, and misc other contributions from another non-profit.

March 2021 Wrap-up

Duncan Beevers talked about Raspberry Pi Pico at Social meetup (5 attending), Anthony talked about radio tech used during ice storm power outage. Santiam Canyon tool library: facebook page anyone has used it, let us know!) Victor shared an opportunity: "Tesla 3 li-ion cells for $3.25 ea at !! I just spotted this … Continue reading March 2021 Wrap-up

First Tuesday Social (Sept 2019)

(August 3, 2019) - 15 people turn out for Spark Studio’s ‘First Tuesday’ Social at Salem Ale Works (7pm). After introductions around the table, we did some Spark updates on recent and upcoming events (3rd Thursday Maker Night still unconfirmed due to recent C50+ closure / process delays), (pic) Brandon demonstrates the python program he … Continue reading First Tuesday Social (Sept 2019)