Spark Studio Salem is a social space for making, providing tools, resources and connections; we empower our community to satisfy their creative drive.


To achieve the vision, Spark Studio Salem makerspace:

  • Facilitates intra-community learning and encourages the intersection of technology and art;
  • Encourages social connections through common space and facilitation of Maker events;
  • Provides local opportunities for skill training, collaboration, and lifelong learning;
  • Provides access to tools that would otherwise be out of reach;
  • Supports our community regardless of skill, income, or background.


Spark Studio Salem is the name we’ve given our mission of forming a makerspace in Salem, a sort of shared mad scientist garage… A community that encourages and empowers each member to learn and create through peer mentoring, dedicated work / social space, tools, and misc resources that are beyond what each member could comfortably manage on their own.

As of March 2022, we have conducted a survey of interest levels and types in Salem, registered as an official non-profit 501(c)3 organization with state and federal agencies, held many pre-covid one-off events, established a monthly “First Tuesday Social” (Originally 7pm at Salem Ale Works, currently online via Slack). Post-covid we’ll return to our previous monthly “Third Thursday Maker Night” (5p-830p at Center 50+, 2nd floor Craft room) while continuing our search for dedicated space. Assets acquired include an enclosed trailer (with associated solar panels, batteries, charging system, inverters, chairs… see projects below), and an RF-30 Mill.

The makerspace board currently consists of:

  • David Duncan (President),
  • Duncan Beevers (Vice-President),
  • Chris Feaster (Secretary),
  • Greg Hanevelt (Treasurer), and
  • Jeremy Greenwood (board member)

Current group projects:

  • Continuing to upgrade / equip our enclosed trailer (fitted with solar panels and basic battery / charging system) to provide power for outdoor events: Next need to field test when weather improves, establish way to isolate power-sensitive items from power-tools, equip trailer with EZ-UP tent(s) and/or permanent trailer side-awning, and upgrade battery capacity as needed.
  • Converting our RF-30 Mill to a CNC Mill.