June / July 2022 – Prelude to a Space!

First Tuesday Social for June at Ratchet went well, and later in the month, we heard that Ratchet was moving. After some conversations with the owner, we started to see this as a right-size starter makerspace location that checked the boxes for the criteria the board had just been discussing: 1295 sq ft, bathroom, sinks, outdoor storage with power, internet, garage door, direct access from parking lot, etc.

Late June, we had a special meetup at the legacy Ratchet location to pitch the possibilities for the space and to establish the degree of support and enthusiasm among the community. We gathered a group of supporters, including several super-donors sufficient to know we had solid starting support.

July saw a large First Tuesday Social at nearby Gilgamesh, as we continued to build further excitement and support for the new space. Over the rest of the month, we found an insurance agent experienced with makerspaces, and we continued through the steps towards a lease with the building owner and the leasing agent. Progress is promising!

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