August 1st – A Dedicated Makerspace

It’s happening.

As of August 1st, Spark Studio Salem has a leased physical location, 2701 22nd Street SE. We have the existing list of renewing patrons / super-patrons at the $50 to $200/mo level for the first year, those people that stepped up to make this possible before we had anything locked in.

We’ll continue to widen our pool of contributors, now that the space exists (note: still time to be among those with us from month one!), and the board members will arrange to manually open the space to the patrons several nights a week (until have improved system).

We will also schedule monthly open makerspace nights for the public, which will allow an opportunity to meet new potential patrons, as well set monthly cross-over meeting nights (with recommended donations) for other tech groups with overlapping participants / related missions (Microportal Electronics Club, Hack Salem, Salem Mac User Group).

To furnish the makerspace, we are looking for starting materials (see below) as we draw up plans for free-standing workbenches along 2 walls, some nestable locking wheeled tables, storage shelves for a 3rd wall, rolling partitions/whiteboards, and other space-saving design fun!

Please let us know about potential contributed material, furniture, or gear via the ‘contact’ section of our webpage:

We look forward to discussing all of this and more at the First Tuesday Social (August 2), 6p-8p at Gilgamesh, 2065 Madrona, and afterwards we can tour the space!

How Can I Help?
– cleaning + sanitation supplies; consumables like TP & Fabuloso, durables like mop + broom + shop broom + dustpan + magnetic roller
– furniture; chairs + tables + work-tables
– infrastructure; power strips, floor lamps
– materials; including palettes, lumber, brackets + bracings, casters, screws + nails
storage; totes, shelves
– administrative; laser printer, paper, pens, post-its

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