Dec 2021 – Feb 2022 Spark Board Summary

  • Investigated / decided on new bank (MaPS Credit Union) re fees, services, and accessibility, starting in March.
  • Standing agenda item to discuss in-person meetups and/or resuming hunt for physical facilities: First step is resuming physical Social meetups. Between Omicron and cold weather, stuck with virtual First Tuesday Social meetings for Jan/Feb/March. Considering physical meetup at April Social, and will put link to survey in event entry for April Social re preferences for meetup location (Ratchet? Vagabond? Other?)
  • Mike N. wants help testing batteries / matching in pairs for phone charging stations he is making for FREE FRIDGE organization. No objection to bringing up at Socials or on Slack, no official action needed.
  • Solar Trailer – paid Mike N $300 for like-new power system parts he provided (3000w inverter, 12v solar charge controller, breakers). Possibly test deploy Trailer at live social in April if can park near semi-outdoor/tented area (eg, Vagabond with rollup door open).
  • – Desired equipment:
  • – EZ-UP style tent for rain cover (with/without walls).
  • – Mount permanent pull-out awnings to side of trailer.
  • – Folding table(s).
  • – Power strips and extension cords.
  • – List locations with proximity to restrooms.
  • Redwood Crossing housing – as of Feb meeting – official acceptance of 2 computers for common room (via Lindsay Dent), DB will arrange pickup or dropoff in March. Their IT will add operating system. Also 2 computers to KMUZ community volunteer radio. Both will give pictures for our blog when they’re in service.
  • As of Dec, sold 4 excess PCs on consignment through NORVAC (raised ~$40 each), and 2 monitors (raised ~$10 each).
  • Other excess donated equipment to sell soon: old table saw w/o guard, and radial saw. Keepers: label makers, miter saw, and keep a couple of functional PCs in reserve for future Spark use.
  • Change of Board meeting time starting in March, so it won’t overlap with Microportal meetings.

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