August 2021 wrapup

For August 1st Tuesday we had 2nd live meeting of the year, 10+ people participated at Vagabond Brewing, and the bartender was even nice enough to open the rollup door by our tables on a very hot summer evening. We had lots of tablespace to gather safely, but alas no food (though sushi was available in the same bldg to bring in). Alas, due to Delta C19 concerns, we will be back to virtual meeting for September.

Test fitting of 3 Solar Panel roof-mount for Solar Trailer Project

Progress continues on the solar trailer: the roof-rack frame for the 3 solar panels has been fabricated, panels installed, and test-mounted on top of trailer, making available over 1000 Watts under ideal conditions.

Chris Feaster has been cycling/testing 500 amp hours of deep cycle marine batteries.

The next step for for the solar power trailer project is creating a water-proof conduit to bring solar panel wiring inside the trailer. More parts to be selected to manage power & charging, based on ‘power budget’ of intended usages.

We received over a dozen surplus computers, and are working with NORVAC to arrange consignment sale as a fundraiser (they are dell i5 3ghz 4gb ram 500gb storage if you’re interested in buying one directly, write us via the ‘contact us’ link on this blog).

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