May 2021 wrap-up

8 attended the Spark First Tuesday online meet for May 2021. Talked about Pipewire sound system in Linux, hammer drill recommended re member project digging out bamboo and propagating elsewhere. Also talked about a May radio retreat / competition.

In October, two board positions will be up for election, so start thinking about nominations or personally stepping up.

  • May highlights:
    – Received a large donation of used electronics (workstation / networking / misc makerspace materials).
  • – Continued pursuing in-person workshop opportunities at Center 50+.
    – Spark signed up for Amazon / United Way program for non-profits.
  • Pictured above, from Duncan Beevers: “I was making space in the garage and came across some old IKEA bed slats we hadn’t bothered to throw away. I searched around and saw an example of a geodesic dome made from something similar, so we put this one together today.”
  • Recycling for the win!

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