April 2021 wrap-up

Last month, 5 attended April Social Night:

Anthony talked about antenna design for vhf/uhf, and using generator to keep well-water pump running during the ice storm power outage.

Jack talked about mesh radio. Anthony talked about repurposing 2.4ghz ham gear… channel 1 wifi overlaps with 2.4ghz amateur band! With wrt54GL firmware, can do self-assembling mesh.

Jeremy and arborist friends made zipline to remove downed tree/limbs from ice storm.

Sarah fixed a belt using a spare peice of leather, saving an item of sentimental value.

Duncan Beevers and David Duncan collaborated on scalable vector graphic for a “Spark Studio Salem” banner. Used Figma.com webapp to design, but it had a drop shadow that couldn’t be turned off… SVG files are text files that describe how to draw the art mathematically, in a html-like markup… Beevers edited the text file and removed the part creating the shadow.

Mischief Managed!

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