First Tuesday Social (Sept 2019)


(August 3, 2019) – 15 people turn out for Spark Studio’s ‘First Tuesday’ Social at Salem Ale Works (7pm).

After introductions around the table, we did some Spark updates on recent and upcoming events (3rd Thursday Maker Night still unconfirmed due to recent C50+ closure / process delays),


(pic) Brandon demonstrates the python program he wrote to process and display the bluetooth output of the “Neuro-Sky”, a single channel, EKG-detecting headset.


(pic) New attendee Stephanie meets Angela, they find several overlapping interests.


(pic) Anthony, Barry, and Jeremy chatting with several newcomers regarding favorite projects, while enjoying the lingering pleasant weather of summer.

Good to see Angelo check out the social, he’s been a familiar face from other tech groups, like the Hack Salem meetup, and the Willamette Valley Software Engineers meetup.


(pic) Tim, Gary, Phil work through an electronics question.

Most people hung out til well after 9pm… A great night!

Reminder, we have the Exodus Escape Room event coming up, 7pm Tuesday September 17th (see our Meetup events list for more info).

– D Duncan


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